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Matthias Gunderman

Diploma in Industrial Engineering

Turn-around Philippines, China, Asia

Managing Director for realignment of existing subsidiaries of medium-sized companies, Philippines (3 years), China (12 years), Asia. Business Development, Operations, Production, Controlling, Finance, Sales, Cost Optimization, Human Resources Management.

Existing foreign-invested companies need flexible business models while at the same time being closely integrated into the global corporate strategy and culture as well as reliable reporting.

Establishment of companies Philippines, China, Asia

Establishment and development of local companies for production / operations. Location search, investment decision, company formation, location planning and development, recruitment. Development of Finance, Sales, Service, HR, Admin.

International Project Management

Leading international projects for production, production relocation, factory planning, product development, multi-project management and project management office (PMO).


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, white goods, plant engineering, renewable energies.